Views of me and my work from athletes & colleagues
  • James CraigNorthampton Saints Rugby Union

    Having been involved in pro rugby for the last 12 years, I can honestly say John is one of the best I’ve worked with! His technical knowledge and programming to improve his athletes performance is outstanding, but where I think John separates himself is his ability to build relationships and ultimately trust. His constant reflection on his own practice and practices throughout the field of sports performance, mean he’s consistently moving forward and improving himself as well as his athletes. I’d highly recommend John to anyone who is serious about taking the next step in their individual or their teams pursuit of excellence.

  • Oliver WaiteFormer Physiotherapist at Huddersfield Giants Rugby League

    It’s rare in professional sport for physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches to get on so well...John certainly bucked this trend! I have been fortunate to work with John integrating injury reduction and performance enhancement strategies in professional team sport and for individual athletes over the past two years. John’s collaboration with performance physiotherapy is something that undoubtedly sets him apart from a pure ‘strength and conditioning’ coach.John's understanding of human movement combined with his skills to apply individualised physical development strategies to his athletes has shown some incredible performance results. Not only this, John’s personable and approachable nature allows him to get the best out of his athletes.As a performance coach, John earns my highest recommendation.

  • Jonathan JonesFormer Strength & Conditioning Coach at Everton Football Club

    They say that you are the average of the company you keep, whilst in Johns company I believe that my average increases vastly. His knowledge, attention to detail and his willingness to share has improved me drastically in my theoretical and practical coaching skills. If I were to write down everything John has done for me this testimonial would be at least 4 pages long.

    In Brief – Alongside the informal chats that would spark a flame to go away and further research, we had structured development meetings where John would challenge my coaching knowledge allowing me to develop my overall skills for example ‘Internal Vs External Coaching Cues-finding analogies that are relevant and meaningful to the athletes rather than giving a full technical breakdown of a movement pattern.’Whilst working alongside John I was also able to unlock the potential of his personal network allowing me to go on professional visits to other clubs and also countries, which allowed my development to sky rocket! alongside the informal chats, development meetings and coaching sessions these further experiences gave me the knowledge and skills to gain my first full time professional S&C role.

  • Zoe GillingsZoe GillingsGB Snowboard Cross athlete, 4x Olympian
    John Noonan is a brilliant S&C coach. I've worked with him since 2012 in the run up to the 2014 Sochi, and 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. With John’s support I’ve been able to compete and perform at the highest level of Snowboard Cross competition as Great Britain’s number #1 female Snowboard Cross athlete for the past two Winter Olympic cycles.
    John is very knowledgeable, if I have a question, he knows the answer no doubt. He's also very committed to building his skills and knowledge base, often searching out the latest methods to ensure my training evolved to help me find the competitive edge. As an athlete John’s given me greater knowledge, confidence and the ability to perform at the peak of my sport. I have complete confidence in John's ability and would recommend him to absolutely anyone. Seriously I would!
  • Darren RobertsDarren RobertsHigh Performance Manager at Harris & Ross

    I've had the pleasure of working with John over the years on a number of projects, athletes and collaborations. Always the professional with incredible attention to detail, he delivers world class coaching and knowledge with ease. John is able to blend the art of coaching & science together superbly-delivering with enthusiasm and a passion for the job. It's great to have John in my professional network, always happy to help and answer questions as a world class operator, and also as a friend.

  • Richard HunwicksHead of Performance at Catalan Dragons, UKSCA Director and Vice Chair

    It can be difficult in a world of sports fads and trends to get lost in all the noise!

    John is a coach with a unique skill set. He can absorb all the key coaching and science detail and then make it applicable to each and every individual he works with.His amenable approach and insight into all things performance is truly remarkable.If you need clear signals from an expert physical preparation coach then I would strongly recommend adopting John into your process. Train smarter, not harder!

  • Phill AdkinsFormer Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby Union

    John has been a inspirational mentor in my development in the Strength and Conditioning world. His professionalism, relentless desire to help people become better people and his unquestionable knowledge, sets his standards well above the rest in the field.John is an outstanding practitioner who I hugely respect and follow his guidance that he gives.

  • Stephen HumphriesFormer Head Physiotherapist for Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby Union

    I have had the fortunate experience of working alongside John in two capacities (Professional Rugby Union and Olympic Snowboard Cross) but believe the positions he has held within diverse sports are testimony to his adaptability, capacity to think laterally and willingness to develop and challenge himself outside his comfort zone. His communication skills especially in relation to his one-to-one coaching are unparalleled. He is a very approachable and likeable character who effortlessly builds rapport with staff members, athletes and clients alike,therefore commanding their confidence in his expertise with ease. As a professional, to say John’s attention to detail is meticulous is an understatement. His training periodisation is exceptional with an apt capability to integrate soft tissue release techniques and movement preparation. His knowledge on anatomy, physiology and pathology enable him to easily tailor and individualise programs not only for the healthy athlete, but also for those with acute and/or chronic injuries; whether this be soft tissue in nature or arthrogenic joint compromisation. Every facet of John’s work is based on current evidence with an enviable ability to create his own philosophies rather than regurgitate the work of others like so many in his profession. Speaking as a physiotherapist, his ability bestows ultimate confidence for me to know that there will be a seamless transition during our collaborative working to progress an athlete from injury onset to their return to competition. Upon such return his techniques of physical monitoring assist him in the prevention of further injuries and also facilitate future planning and preparation on reflection of results and physical outcome.I have no doubt he would drive the standards within any department or organization and it is impossible not to have the utmost respect and admiration for this ultimate professional. I can only hope that I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

  • Ben StowProfessional golfer

    I had my ACL done in April of 2017. I starting working with John on my rehab ten days post op, he was thorough and meticulous. His skills ranged from soft tissue therapy to acute movement training and weightlifting training. He helped me through all the stages of rehab, from the early phases or reintroducing small movements at the beginning, to the progressive, sport specific training towards the end. I was fully fit and pain free within 7 months. I was running, playing tennis and also practicing full time as a professional golfer. Just 14 months after my operation I had my biggest win as a pro sportsman. Much of my success after my injury I but down to John, and the reason I continue to use his services.

  • Tommy BellLondon Irish Rugby Union (Former Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby Union)

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with John Noonan at Leeds Carnegie Rugby Club. He really assisted me and my athletic development enabling me to continue to push forward with my rugby career and personally as an athlete. As well as very enjoyable sessions he's got a wealth of knowledge and expertise working in professional sport.

  • Katie OrmerodGB Park & Pipe, Olympic Snowboard Athlete

    It was really great working with John Noonan - He helped me return to snow after tearing my meniscus and ACL and I returned stronger than I had been before. He's very enthusiastic and great to work with which makes it easy to keep motivated in the gym.

  • Nigel AdkinsFormer Manager at Scunthorpe United Football Club

    As a football manager its essential to get the right people in key positions to create an environment and team focused on training well, performing and winning games. Working alongside John at Scunthorpe United FC, I valued his work ethic, attention to detail and passion to support the team through the club’s strength and conditioning programme. More importantly, John genuinely cares about his players/athletes and goes to great lengths to build strong working relationships. I highly recommend John’s service.

  • Curtis WilsonFormer player at Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby Union

    John Noonan is probably by far the best at knowing all the ins and outs of training. With his help I was able to increase my, size, strength and stamina. His technique on absolutely everything is spot on and without his help my knowledge of training wouldn't be where it is today.

  • Jermaine McGillvaryPlayer for England Rugby League and Huddersfield Giants

    John’s passion and enthusiasm as a coach is infectious, he brought energy and enthusiasm to our gym sessions and took the time to explain reasons behind our training, which was really refreshing having trained for over 10-years in Rugby League. I really valued the individual training he would design for me, and all the movement work he would give us to train, run and move well. This helped me feel physically ready to perform in games for the Giants and when on International duty with England RL. John is an excellent strength and conditioning coach, highly recommended!

  • Cliff ByrneFormer professional football player at Scunthorpe United FC

    I worked closely with John when our paths crossed at Scunthorpe United football club during my time as captain. He had a wealth of knowledge and expertise which hugely benefitted our squad. I also benefitted massively from our 1-2-1 sessions which helped maximise my performances. I’ve followed his career from a far since and its no surprise to see John working at an elite level across numerous sports.

  • Andy TitterrellFormer Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby Union, England and British and Irish Lions

    Having suffered a complete ACL rupture at the end of the year 2010, John took my rehabilitation to the next step in preparing me to regain full fitness to competitive rugby. His knowledge and understanding of the knee structure was second to none and exercises were given to best suit me as an athletes and also the implications I found myself in since the operation. On regaining strength and stability, John then made my training very specific to rugby in the conditioning that we did.Sessions were fun and competitive but most importantly rewarding. Not only did he get me back to full fitness but John taught me plenty along the way,and has been a great friend and mentor.

  • Eorl CrabtreeHuddersfield Giants Rugby League

    I’ve been very lucky to work alongside some great S&C coaches over my 17 year professional rugby league career, John Noonan is right up there as one of the best I’ve worked with. His knowledge and ability to adapt quickly making sessions unique to individual needs is second to none. He has a great understanding of what it requires to get the best out of the people he works with and gets them into great shape. In the final year of my career, John helped me overcome several injuries which required intensive training, he spent a lot of time with me one on one which gave us chance to work out exactly what it would take to get me back and playing well again. After shifting over half a stone in weight and working on glute and core strength especially, I got back playing well and in great shape. Johns genuine passion for helping people improve is what makes him so good, he always accepts the challenges and won’t rest until he gets the results, he demands high standards but delivers high standards in return.

  • Jamie NichollsJamie NichollsGB Park & Pipe, Olympic Snowboard Athlete
    I first met John after I’d strained my ACL while filming a project in America. At the time I had limited experience of training in the gym and had 3 months to get back on my board to prepare for the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics.
    Being injured was mentally tough, but John made the sessions fun and really motivated me to work harder than I ever thought possible. I eventually returned to my board feeling stronger and fitter than ever before, and learned heaps about training and myself in the process.
    Because of John’s help I was able to get back to the level I was at before injury and compete in the men’s Slopestyle Olympic contest finishing in 6th place.
    John's the best S&C coach I have ever worked with. Gym sessions can be hard sometimes and boring but John always knows how to mix things up and make it fun. Highly recommended!
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