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Growth Minded

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

With a unique combination of applied skills, John has the ability to offer performance enhancement, athletic development and physical therapy methods in one complete service. If you are a serious individual looking for an edge in physical preparation, injury rehabilitation and/or online coaching support, contact John or head over to the Services section to find out more.

core values

GROWTH minded

The Noonan Performance model is founded upon years of dedicated learning and improving methods in the pursuit of world-class preparation and coaching. We value open-mindedness, reflective thinking and a mindset that looks for opportunities to continually push the needle forwards. Relentless in the improvement of body, mind and performance.

Better PEOPLE, better performers

This starts with critically evaluating you as well as your athletic abilities before we can expect to improve athletic and boardroom performance.  

PROCESS over outcome

We focus on developing team/individual capability to own the process and master fundamentals which underpin better physical, mental and game winning performances.

john's background

John is an accredited UKSCA strength and conditioning coach with over 15 years experience coaching in elite sport and in the public domain. To date, John has worked with numerous professional youth, senior and international athletes from over 13 different sports, including work with; Chelsea FC, Everton FC, Scunthorpe United FC, Yorkshire (formerly Leeds) Carnegie Rugby Club, British Ski Snowboard (Olympic squads; Alpine Ski, Snowboard Cross, Freestyle Ski Snowboard (GB Park & Pipe) and Huddersfield Giants Rugby League. He currently holds positions with GB Snowboard Cross and Hintsa Performance (specifically F2 motor racing), and consults with numerous pro and semi-pro athletes, and corporate clients. You can find out more about John’s coaching background and experience via his LinkedIn page.

Academically, John has an undergraduate degree in sports science and a postgraduate MPhil degree in applied sports biomechanics from Liverpool John Moores University, researching the performance requirements of elite Olympic freestyle snowsport athletes. Specifically, John’s research examined the kinetic and kinematic demands of snowboard jump landings, the findings which John has presented internationally and nationally at the Australian and UK Strength and Conditioning (ASCA and UKSCA) Conferences in 2014. He frequently delivers talks to university programmes, and also speaks regularly at educational workshops about his work with athletes. John holds professional certificates with the UKSCA, Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), a Certificate in Advanced Tool Assisted Massage Therapy, and Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation with Owens Science.

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