Performance Rehabilitation


what you pay for

Please use the Contact section to discuss requirements. A tailored breakdown of costs will be produced to allow me to meet your needs. This might include:

  • Physical therapy treatment
  • Coaching and reconditioning
  • Exercise prescription

What You Get

I can provide:

  • Treatment for injury: Targeted manual therapy delivered to resolve specific injury pathology and/or movement-based limitations preventing progress in life and sport. Unlimited number of sessions until resolved. Get in touch for a quote.
  • Reconditioning following injury: Targeted exercise delivered in person to recondition muscles, structures and movement patterns impacted from injury. This stage is designed to restore and excel physical capability to limit re-injury risk. The length of reconditioning programme is determined by the type, injury severity and the end goal. Unlimited number of sessions until the end goal is achieved. Get in touch for a quote.
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