The Complete Speed Programme for Team Sports



If you want to improve your speed, out-run your opponents and leave the opposition for dust, then this programme is for you.

This is a tried and tested, results proven programme used with 100’s of elite and amateur team sport athletes over the past 15 years, that makes run people faster!

There are 2 key ingredients that make this programme so successful –

  1. High speed running every week.
  2. Cheat sheets that give you the technical knowledge for efficient running and a smoother technique.


Inside the programme you will get –

  • A progressive 8-week carefully periodised training programme developing your running capacity and top speed ability.
  • Two speed sessions every week over 8 weeks; one acceleration focus, and one top speed focus.
  • Easy to follow sessions, including drill sets, reps, rest periods and weekly progressions.
  • Links to 33 YouTube videos showing you how to perform each drill so you have absolute clarity on what to do.
  • Cheat sheets showing you the optimal technical models for sprinting, complete with coaching cues giving you a focus and end-goal with your running.
  • Guidance for how to build the speed sessions into your training week and games.


The programme is phone and tablet friendly meaning you can take it with you to the track or field and take your programme with you in your pocket.

Download your copy now for just £30.

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