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Personalised Professional Development

Helping coaches grow personally and professionally-Increase your value with greater knowledge, applied skills, coaching influence and wealth.

Do you feel like you’re lacking influence in your coaching and a sense of strong personal relationships?

Want to develop a more resilient mindset to handle conflict, pressure and stay focused and productive?

Want to add more value in your work, upskill coaching and have more impact in your environment?

 Want more security in your job, advance your career and land the job you want?

Tired of worrying about your financial situation and want to gain more financial freedom?


Sound familiar….?

Strength and conditioning coaches are troubled with a number of the above questions, not to mention job insecurity, high competition for roles, the constant need to stay abreast with advancing technologies and also diversify coaching to influence a generation of athletes whom have become increasingly curious to question the “why?” behind the methods, and the confidence to demand …

“What’s in it for me?”

Consequentially, our industry poses a constant need for personal and professional development to stay current and develop in an ever-changing coaching landscape. More importantly, juggling all this with time for yourself and your family on top of a 60+hr coaching week can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge.

Do you feel like you’re constantly battling the clock with all this?

Combatting the challenges posed by the professional market is one of the reasons I created a personalised Coach Mentorship programme in 2019. Helping you to maximise your value, providing knowledge, skills and methods personalised to what you need. Ensuring you thrive in your work and can live your passion, all the while, mobilising time and wealth that fuel the lifestyle you want.


The Coach Mentorship programme provides coaches with a personalised and focused learning experience. Delivering material 1-on-1, based on specific learning objectives defined by YOU, delivered by me (John Noonan). Together we establish what success looks like for you, consider the barriers limiting progress and work through a proven process helping you have more impact in your work and success throughout your career.

With the mentorship focused on maximising your personal and professional growth, I offer clients the ability to explore both fluid and focused approaches to learning, embracing individual learning preferences.

For example:

Fluid learning

We discuss practical, active challenges you face daily, and problem solve ways to unlock progress in your coaching, programming and mindset

Focused learning

We establish a list of key areas you wish to develop across an entire year and we dedicate a block of time to developing these elements each month. A bit like a curriculum approach to growing and mastering aspects of your knowledge, skills and ability.

“To date I’ve worked with coaches with as little as 2 and greater than 10 years’ experience practicing in the elite and public coaching industries. Including strength and conditioning coaches, sports coaches, sports scientists, personal trainers and university graduates.” John Noonan

Here’s what mentees on the Coach Mentorship programme have had to say about how the mentorship has helped them –


Paul Parker, Lead Physical Performance Coach, West Ham United F.C. Women

“I was admittedly quite tentative when first signing up to the mentorship programme as I had reservations over how much value the programme would present. But I can honestly say the programme has exceeded my expectations to this point. Johns knowledge and experiences have been incredibly useful in helping to guide me through a transition within my own professional career. His ability to offer “…. 

James Morse, Personal Trainer

“I joined Johns mentorship program 4 months ago and in that short space of time the effect it has had on my professional development has been massive. I had finished my strength and conditioning course a few months prior and was looking for some guidance within the field and a source of high quality, reliable information. I was not disappointed. The free consultation call alone opened my eyes to a number of different ways of doing things”….

Howard Green, Head of S&C Bolton Tennis Academy

“I have been working with John since early June 2019, this initially started with him prescribing me a weekly training and corrective programme. This soon transitioned to me doing more formal Coach Mentoring. However, even the initial exposure to Johns methods of assessment and prescription was insightful, prompting me to evaluate my own methodologies which has been impactful”…. 


Elite athletes, professional coaches and highly successful corporate bosses often possess excellent skills, knowledge and technical abilities to succeed in their domain. But all too often, they fail because their time, energy and actions are misdirected and heavily concentrated on the outcome instead of the process driving the results.     

Even the most successful medal winning teams, like British Cycling, and Fortune 500 companies, such as Apple and Nike, achieve sustainable success because their people, behaviour and culture is based on a carefully designed process, executed to the very highest standard, repeatedly.

A key aspect of the programme is helping coaches create a framework and working processes that supports decision-making, relieves pressure and maximises productivity. We do not fall to the level of our goals and thinking, we fall to the level of our systems.

How the programme works

Through regular video coaching calls I’ll personally work with you through a process to further your knowledge, develop new skills, problem solve and get creative around practical issues. Helping you become a more mindful and influential coach in your environment.

Each month you will receive the following –

  • A video coaching call (see packages for available options)
  • Cover both Fluid and Focused learning concepts
  • Feedback notes summarising each call with actions.
  • Receive materials and research supporting discussions, aligned to your needs.
  • Quarterly review to evaluate learning and direct progress at each stage.
  • Become part of a private Facebook group, network, discuss and share information with other likeminded individuals.

How to get involved

Click on the link below, enter your details and I’ll receive your message instantly. I will then contact you within 24hours personally and arrange a date and time for your FREE 30minute video consultation call.

In your FREE consultation call you’ll get the opportunity to ask questions about the Coach Mentorship, hear more about what the mentorship entails and understand if the programme is the right fit for you.

What's the cost

  There are three packages available –

Gold Package

2 x 90 minute coaching calls per calendar month.

+ Option to have one coaching call per month face to face (UK based). 

+ Cover both fluid and focused learning concepts.

+ Call notes summarising each call, including actions for future calls.

+ Receive materials and research supporting discussions and aligned to your interests.

Part of a Private Facebook group; network, discuss and share information with other likeminded individuals

Cost £400 p/m

Silver Package

2 x 60 minute coaching calls per calendar month.

+ Cover both fluid and focused learning concepts.

+ Call notes summarising each call, including actions for future calls.

+ Receive materials and research supporting discussions and aligned to your interests.

Part of a Private Facebook group; network, discuss and share information with other likeminded individuals.

Cost £200 p/m

Bronze Package

+ 1 x 60 minute coaching call per calendar month.

+ Cover both fluid and focused learning concepts.

+ Call notes summarising each call, including actions for future calls..

+ Receive materials and research supporting discussions and aligned to your interests.

Part of a Private Facebook group; network, discuss and share information with other likeminded individuals.

Cost £100 p/m

Stories from other mentees and how the Coach Mentorship programme could help you too –


Rob Gaunt, Tennis Coach

Johns time and attention has been invaluable to me over the past few months. I started this journey with lots of questions and not a clue on where to find the answers. My day to day routine has changed for the better, I’m finding that I have the ability to stay in conversations better which I have always struggled at. The strategies that John has given me have equipped me with the tools to tackle difficult conversations and I look forward to what else this experience brings!” 

S&C Coach to a First Team Premier League Football Club

“Creating a platform allowing me to improve both my strengths and weaknesses, John has consistently provided me with his own insight and experience, as well as a structure and organisation to help keep me on track in terms of my overall development.

The time and commitment John has invested in supporting my overall long term development has been beyond what I could have imagined”….

Connor Stuart, Personal Trainer / S&C Coach

“I joined John’s mentorship programme because I was really struggling to find someone who would be willing to invest in me for my coaching development in all aspects (philosophy, practicality and knowledge). I didn’t know where to turn to get advice and I wasn’t improving as I would like professionally, it’s all well and good reading some journals and articles but I didn’t have someone who could guide me and answer my questions. As a result I felt I was getting stagnant and struggling to improve results for clients and expand my knowledge. Having worked with John previously I knew his depth and breadth of knowledge would allow me to grow as a coach and a practitioner.“….

Adam Byers, S&C Coach

Before applying to go onto the mentorship programme with John I knew of his credibility as a coach but not as a mentor. From the initial video call with John, it was very apparent that his knowledge, ideas and stories he could pass on were next level. I did not hesitate to get on board with the mentor ship programme and from the word go I was a developing as a coach“….


I believe that personal and professional development is a very personal thing. We choose to engage with people, read books and go to conferences because they believe what we believe. This programme is not designed to teach you my methods, teach you how to coach, or tell you how to think and act. Rather my job is to help you create a framework and a process that helps you operate and thrive in your environment. And so, this programme is 100% personalised to your needs and focused on helping you achieve greater success in your world.

The strength of the NP mentorship programme is the prospect of developing a supportive and trusting mentor, mentee relationship. In format that’s 100% personalised to your needs, interests and objectives, the basis of the programme will require you to be openminded, willing to self-reflect/evaluate and help you explore opportunities for personal and professional growth. The programme doesn’t promise to make you the ‘world’s best coach’ in 3months time, but it does promise to offer you with a genuinely caring and supportive coach in John, whom is passionate about helping you become the best individual, coach and person you can be, and to help you deliver on your goals.

Absolutely. One of the strengths of this programme is about developing an improved way of working to optimise your coaching practice and career development. The coach mentorship programme takes an alternative approach to university programmes and builds content and structure around your needs. Tailoring the learning outcomes specifically to your personal objectives.

The timescale is reflected by the learning outcomes we establish at sign up and the agreed timescales we attach to this. And so, the length of the process is completely determined by your working objectives and how much time you wish to commit to your development.

There’s no contract, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

I understand and respect that work and life gets in the way at times – if you can’t make a scheduled call, we simply re-organise the call for another time to suit your calendar. There are no hidden charges, such as missed call fees.

If you still have some unanswered questions and would like to chat to me in more detail, please CLICK HERE to setup a time to call and discuss.

“If you are on the fence about joining the programme, I would say 100% go for it. There’s no investment like an investment in yourself.” Connor Stuart, Noonan Performance mentee

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